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G.E.M.S. Mentoring Program


G.E.M.S. Mentoring Program is a year long interactive program that is designed to showcase a different way of life for under-served adolescent girls ages 12 to 18. We are dedicated to empowering young ladies by improving their social, educational, and personal development skills and teaching the importance of resilience rather than retraction.  

The Curriculum

The G.E.M.S. Mentoring Program curriculum was developed by its founding members whose backgrounds are in education, psychology, and the arts. The curriculum fosters character building, conflict resolutions skills, and holistic health practices that help girls become resilient and responsible leaders. 

G.E.M.S. meets with its students on a bi-weekly basis to implement the principles of the programs. Students are broken up into levels to ensure they are being mentored effectively. The program's levels are Rubies, ages 12-14; Pearls, ages 15-16, and Diamonds, ages 17-18. All first year participants start out as rubies, regardless of age. As they progress through the program, they will get promoted to the next level.

The program offers many services to its students that include bi-weekly mentoring sessions, community services opportunities, job shadowing, ACT prep classes, college visits, and fun and insightful outings. Program participants progress is measured based on outcomes in according to our core values or 3 Diamond Keys:


  • self-respect

  • morals and values

  • proper etiquette

  • good health


  • self-efficacy

  • resilience


  • higher education

  • community involvement

  • career readiness

  • financial responsibility

Program Participants

2016-2017 Participants

2015-2016 Participants

2014-2015 Participants

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