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G.E.M.S. Speaks


G.E.M.S. Speaks is our public speaking initiative that is dedicated to character building and empowerment of all girls. Through this program, G.E.M.S. speaks to girls before and after school at various schools in the Memphis area. 























Program Services


G.E.M.S. Speaks works grade schools in the Greater Memphis Area in order to reach girls of all ages at once. As followed are ways that we speak within these settings.

  • Character Clubs

           G.E.M.S. will commit to speaking one day a month with a girls club that is designed to build character and improve attitudes. The clubs must have a faculty sponsor and the sponsor is responsible for recruiting students. Currently we have clubs at Crump Elementary School "Dolls of Tasteful Tuesday" and City University Girls Preparatory School "City G.E.M.S."

  • Speaking Series 

          "It Takes Pressure to Become a Diamond!" G.E.M.S. Speaks will speak to girls about the importance of positive mindsets, education, and resilience. This is a once per school year speaking opportunity. To date, we have spoken at KIPP Middle School, Crump Elementary School, Ridgeway High School, City University School of Liberal Arts, City University Girls Preparatory School, Gems Youth Camp, Balmoral-Ridgeway Elementary School Cheer Team, and Gems Girls Summer Fitness Camp. 

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