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About Us

Girls Epitomizing the Means for Success, Incorporated (G.E.M.S., Inc.) is an organization based in Memphis, TN that focuses on the advancement of under-served minority girls. It was founded on June 9, 2014 by Kanesha L. Moore.


G.E.M.S. is dedicated to empowering minority girls ages 12 to 18 by improving their social, educational, and personal development skills. Its purpose is to motivate, guide, and teach under served minority girls the importance of and how to attain self-respect, self-efficacy, higher education, good morals and values, proper etiquette, good health, community involvement, business etiquette, financial responsibility, career readiness, and resilience.

G.E.M.S. has three programs that help us reach a multitude of under-served girls throughout the city of Memphis: 

G.E.M.S. Mentoring Program

G.E.M.S. Cares

G.E.M.S. Speaks

G.E.M.S., Inc. instills in its participants that they are treasures, and they must “Shine bright and beautify the WORLD!” in everything they do. 

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